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Aki no Monogatari
My NaNoWriMo Mushishi fanfic

Ayame posting in Aki no Monogatari ~*~ My NaNoWriMo Mushishi fanfic
User: minako134
Date: 2007-09-17 17:38
Subject: [AnM] Chapter Four
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Title: Aki no Monogatari
Author: minako134
Rating: PG, for brief mature language
Word Count: 2,389
Warning/Notes/Disclaimer: Again, spoilers for the whole anime series in the whole fic, but for this one chapter there aren't any spoilers. Here starts the first mini-arc of the fanfic, and the introduction of the first original character, Misa! She was originally based off of a character from another of my stories, but in the end she just has the name and similar appearance. Also, this chapter includes that famous "Ginko gets strung up" scene that some of you may remember I posted part of at mushishi. :D
Artwork: Done by me in pencil, with minimal editing in Photoshop.

The sun in the sky blazed on the fields...Collapse )
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Ayame posting in Aki no Monogatari ~*~ My NaNoWriMo Mushishi fanfic
User: minako134
Date: 2007-08-06 17:57
Subject: Welcome to my fanfiction, "Aki no Monogatari"!
Security: Public
So glad you made it here.

Where's all the fanfiction, you ask? This community is Friends Only. Bugger.

No worries! In order to view all posts, you must head over to the Community Info and join the community. You are automatically made a member, and you'll be able to see all posts.

Also, if you have no idea where you are, YOU also should head over to Community Info. Yup.

I don't allow posting for anyone but me, yet, but if this by some weird chance gets popular to have people writing fanfiction of IT, or maybe people drawing fanart, then that'd be cool, I'd love to have you guys post it here. :D I'll wait a little while and see, first, though.
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